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Private Collection

Congratulations! You have entered into the most sacred vault of our company where the invaluable design ideas reside for private eyes of qualifying Interior Designers and Architects.

Guarded by intellectual property protections we are happy to share with you our most valued creations upon request. Once you send us the inquiry we will furnish to you the specs and options on our private collection pianos. It shall be understood that this exchange is NDA-binding.

Prepare to be amazed!

Lucid Enzo

Somewhere on the intersection of minimalism and limitless creativity resides the awe-inspiring Enzo. Its simple lines are at once classic and futuristic, the complete redesign of what grand piano elements are is arresting and surprisingly logical. It’s poetry of lines. It’s poetry of design. It’s Enzo.

Lucid enzo_01
Lucid infinity

Lucid Infinity

Inspired by the elegant shapes, Lucid Infinity is a piano for people who love balance.

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