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Lucid EXO

For the hi-tech dreamers MONAD studio in collaboration with Blüthner have created the world’s first fully 3D printed piano – EXO. Printed of the composite alloy and paneled with reinforced acrylic this breathtaking instrument defies what we thought imaginable with regard to the shape of the grand piano. At once light and formidable its undulating exoskeleton bends into shape that is surprising and recognizable at once. Truly a wonder of plant-inspired design this piano is as much a sculpture. Whoever sees EXO is sure to never forget that sight. Whoever is lucky to possess it will remain the guardian of the world’s rarest hi-tech piano. 


Available Sizes:

Professional Grand – L 6’1″ (185cm)


Any custom color


Renner action built to Bluthner’s specifications


Quarter-sawn, solid mountain spruce from the Bavarian Alps.

Country of Origin:

Made in Germany


Custom order – 8-10 months

Lucid EXO modern piano_05
Lucid EXO modern piano_07
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