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Welcome to Luxury Pianos

Most Unique and Luxurious Pianos for Sale

We invite you to the world of unprecedented luxury and ground-breaking designs with the selection of our bespoke grand pianos. Crafted by the world’s best legacy piano manufacturers, these one-of-a-kind baby grand and grand pianos go beyond what was thought possible. The daring beauty of a grand piano and the unsurpassed beauty of sound meet at the pinnacle of craftsmanship and creativity.

Aluminum. Fiberglass. Lucite. Carbon-fiber. Anything is now possible.

Fully Transparent Grand Pianos

Limited Edition Designer Pianos

Luxurious Rococo Style Pianos

New Models

Lucid Butterfly

The success of Hive Elegance’s iconic design inspired Lucid Pianos and Bluthner to look deeper into the world of nature for inspiration. 

Tiara Elegance

The acrylic-wrapped semi-transparent body of Elegance is joined with the signature V-shaped legs of Tiara. 


Enzo Crystal is a vision of light, minimalist elegance, and the engineering prowess of Lucid Pianos and Bluthner. Resting on a slender pedestal its transparent body floats in the air as though woven from light.

About Us

Sergei Lugovskoy President

Juilliard-trained and Ukrainian-born Sergei brings an unprecedented insight into the luxury piano experience. Concert pianist by education and with 14 years of experience both running an actual piano showroom in Naples, FL, and executing worldwide deliveries of the world’s most expensive pianos Sergei provides his clients with trustworthy and complete guidance through the process of acquisition of luxury pianos. Whether it is a custom bespoke instrument or an already existing one Sergei’s knowledge of the market and each design element of these precious works of art combined with his musical ability ensures that you choose and acquire a piano of your dreams that is right for you.

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