GRAND PIANOS 2021 Collection


Grand pianos are by far the most in-demand pianos there are. Suitable for concerts, events and homes a grand piano is a universally beloved instrument that possesses powerful sound, perfect proportions that enhance the resonance and most responsive action. For almost 200 years this flagship instrument remains the ultimate test of quality and engineering prowess for the world’s best piano builders. The isn’t a concert stage that doesn’t proudly display a grand piano. A piano became the heart of the home and now more than ever our homes are alive with the sound of music. Whether you are a pianist or a music aficionado acquiring a piano will change your life and give you a source of infinite rejoicing.

Here we share with you the list of amazing instruments that will make anyone a very happy piano owner.

Lucid Enzo

Somewhere on the intersection of minimalism and limitless creativity resides the awe-inspiring Lucid Enzo. Its simple lines are at once classic and futuristic, the complete redesign of what grand piano elements are is arresting and surprisingly logical. It’s poetry of lines. It’s poetry of design. It’s Enzo.

Bluthner Lucid Enzo Grand piano for sale
Translucid Tiara semi transparent luxury piano_01

TransLucid Tiara

New for 2020, this unique semitransparent piano features unique V-shape leg design and traditional wooden body that can be ordered in any color and veneer. Available in baby grand and grand piano sizes.

Lucid iDyllic Excellence

Futurism and industrialism meet in Lucid iDyllic Excellence to give you a clean, modern and creatively deconstructed world’s only fully transparent piano. 

Bluthner Lucid iDyllic Excellence_gold white
Lucid Elegance walnut gold

Lucid Elegance

Glass and wood exist in elegant harmony with Lucid Elegance. A touch of modern and a touch of classic gives this transparent piano a touch of romance. 

Lucid Panoramic

For the creative adventurer in Lucid Panoramic our craftsmanship meets with your creativity. Make your own art and immortalize it on your one-of-a-kind piano. Your wish is our command. 

Lucid Panoramic customizable acrylic piano
Bluthner PH grand in blue with gold

Bluthner PH

A futurist from the past. 1931 masterpiece is alive and well in 21 century with daring new finishes and most hi-tech components. 


World’s first and only 3D printed piano created by award-winning MONAD studio. Dare to dream. With EXO Blüthner goes where no other piano maker has gone before. 

Lucid Exo grand piano
Lucid Hive Xtravaganza Modern Grand PIano

Hive Xtravaganza

Bionic inspiration results in moving implicitly of Hive Xtravaganza while intricate design elements guarantee an awesome visual effect.

Hive Elegance

With Hive Elegance we balance timeless shape and modern texture with just the right amount of hi-tech. For the connoisseur of elegance with the touch and adventure.

Lucid Hive Elegance_03
Translucid Acrylic Transparent Piano_7

TransLucid Piano

Tradition meets modernity with Translucid. Solid wooden body with acrylic top and legs deliver contemporary elegance with timeless style.

iDyllic Upright

Square footage should not stand between you and your crystal piano dreams. iDyllic Upright is a compact yet stunning option for the lover of all things contemporary.

Lucid iDyllic transparent upright piano_

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