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Pianos for Luxury Yachts

We provide a unique service of creating a bespoke pianos for the luxury yachts that are being designed as well as already existing. We are able to match the style language of an existing yacht interior while addressing client’s needs in terms of size and aesthetic of the piano. 

In cases of commission yachts we work closely with yacht builders on the creation of the piano congruent with the design of the vessel that is being built. Certain unique design elements of super yachts can be absorbed and interpreted by the shape of the piano. 

Special Fastening Mechanism

Lucid iDyllic grand piano for a yacht

To give your luxury yacht a gift of live music the piano needs to be secured to the floor with specially designed mechanism that withstands cruising on high seas. A feat of engineering efficiency a seemingly simple contraption is a carefully calculated and measured collection of attachments rods that attach to the bottom of the piano frame on one end and to the floor on the other. This enables the traditional piano legs to remained firmly planted on the floor and piano body to be stable. If the instrument is designed from scratch for the vessel and the aesthetic style permits the immobilizing mechanism can be built into the very design on piano legs to deliver a clean, seamless appearance and ensure stability. 

Custom Electroplated Legs Available

Lucid iDyllic yacht edition_02
Lucid iDyllic yacht edition_01

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