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LUMIERE PIANOS Affordable Designer Pianos

With the Lumiere line of designer pianos, we make the ultimate luxury attainable for everyone. These exquisitely designed acrylic pianos breathe modern chic while remaining extremely budget conscious. With Lumiere, we offer the best acrylic instruments at the most accessible price point. The team behind Luxury Pianos has been in the high-end piano business for over 15 years, with the preeminent expertise of Juilliard-educated concert pianists. We have sought out the best manufacturers to meet our client’s demands at every price point. Lumiere model features the exquisite contemporary design concept from our six-figure line, while Lumiere Classic makes a graceful statement simultaneously honoring the traditional and the contemporary. Our Lumiere Upright is the most fun you will have with a vertical piano. Transparent, modern, exciting, and…affordable. 

Quality across all our lines is valued above all at Luxury Pianos. 

Whatever the budget for your dream piano, we have the perfect one for you.

Lumiere Crystal Piano

The Lumiere model transforms a grand piano into a bold statement of modern design. 

Lumiere Tango

Sleek, unexpected, and undeniably modern, the Tango grand piano is a true original. 

Lumiere Classic

Lumiere Classic – Grace Kelly of acrylic pianos. Timeless and elegant yet with a touch of royal glamour. 

Lumiere Upright

The fully transparent Lumiere Upright is a sight to behold. Sleek and unexpected, it makes a conventionally boxy piano a modern art object. 

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