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PianoArtWall The future is now!

PianoArtWall piano changes the way we think about piano and how we interact with the instrument. 

PianoArtWall - Piano Art Wall by Monad Studio
Piano art wall_P1_red_02

A dazzling wall-mounted sculpture 3D printed of custom alloy houses a premium digital keyboard.

Piano art wall_P1_orange_03

An industry-shifting innovation is a joint venture between Monad Studio, Lucid Pianos, and Luxury Pianos. 

In a signature vision that sets Monad studio apart, artist Eric Goldemberg captured the energy of up-swept wing in his abstract creation. This awe-inspiring piano installation is entirely color/finish customizable, which makes your PianoWall unlike anyone else’s. The design inspiration is nature and machine, the future and the past. As though a treasure from an alien civilization, PianoArtWall will transform any space into a futurist’s dream. Fully weighted, the 88-keys premium keyboard is a state-of-the-art digital piano. Your creativity is not limited to merely playing on it but recording, composing, and digital music production. 

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Piano Art Wall model p1
Piano art wall_P1_blue_04
Piano art wall_P1_yellow_05
Piano art wall_P1_gold_06
Piano art wall_P1_orange_07
Piano art wall_P1_mint_08
Piano art wall_P1_silver_10

Artist Statement

about monad studio

The artistic creations of MONAD Studio are inextricably connected with the very fabric of the rhythmic sensibility of Miami’s unique blend of culture and natural exuberance. Their sonic sculptures resonate both with the innate lively musical expression of Floridians and with their natural environment, often resulting in enigmatic objects inspired by the formal complexity of swampy mangroves, strangler fig trees, and alien-looking coral reef creatures, all executed with the biomorphic precision of industrial design robotics and the organizational, collaborative hive- mind of architects, artists, luthiers, and musicians.

These exotic music instruments propose a prosthetic integration with the human body whereby the human limbs and the web of parts of the 3D printed artifacts form a visceral entanglement, a seamless visionary integration of both human and natural domains aided by digital technology and sonic experimentation.

MONAD Studio believes in the power of rhythm as the pulsatile force informing all manifestations of life, representing the extension of our perceptual rhythmic capacity as well as the natural rhythms and cycles that allow us to breathe, walk, talk, and procreate while developing empathy with all sorts of rhythms outside of our body. The pulse of our own psyche and the surrounding rhythmic forms of Miami’s lush natural environment represent the context that relentlessly informs the pulsatile morphologies and the futuristic expression of MONAD Studio sonic sculptures.

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