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Juilliard-trained and Ukrainian-born Sergei brings unprecedented insight into the luxury piano experience. Having spent the last 14 years in the luxury piano business Sergei has acquired knowledge and experience of connecting the world’s best luxury pianos with their proud owners. Sergei has identified the new market segment sitting at the top of the luxury market ladder that answers the needs of the most discerning and lavish design tastes. 

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Ken J. Ecury, CEO of Lucid Pianos
Ken J. Ecury, CEO of Lucid Pianos

This one percent of the one percent category is an exciting space where pianos go beyond its’ musical instrument functionality and truly push out the frontiers of innovation of engineering, aesthetic design and special material composition. Years in the business have solidified Sergei’s reputation as an authority on luxury designer pianos while strengthening his relationships with world’s top piano manufacturers such as Fazioli and Bluthner. These relationships make it possible to develop custom designs for the clients that want their piano to reflect their vision and create a bespoke, one-of-a-kind super-pianos that are not available to general public. Under Sergei’s supervision design team produces a digital rendering of the piano, explores all possibilities and finalizes each element of the design. Once the client is happy with the rendering it is realized by the artisans of the factory with Sergei following the process every step of the way. Upon completion the super-piano is white-glove delivered anywhere in the world by the team of certified professional piano movers. The entire experience for the client is that of wonder, excitement and absolute reliability. Sergei has delivered such pianos to Lebanon, Egypt, China, Nigeria, Mexico, The Caribbeans and continental USA. Among Sergei’s many happy clients are both celebrities and business professionals whose privacy is respected absolutely. 

Sergei Lugovskoy
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