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About Our Company

Why choose Luxury Pianos?

When you are appointing a multi-million dollar residence it is your rightful desire only for the very best to live among in your dream home. Compromising on an item of furniture or art would lessen the overall experience of the dwelling and be a counter-intuitive allocation of funds. If your home is worth over a million dollars IKEA kitchen and wall art would be a misguided choice, as it would make the house look and feel substantially less than it is worth. Whatever the taste, the quality is what separates luxury from the mediocre. 

When it comes to pianos there are really two options: premium legacy piano brands (of which there are very few) and then –  everything else. The ‘everything else’ that is available on the market, while budget friendly, is essentially an IKEA of pianos. Simplified, cheaply reproduced ideas of the premium product. The price difference is substantial, but the quality gap is even wider. 

Those in the know will never mistake Baccarat for Pottery Barn, or Bucellatti silver for Williams Sonoma flatware. These examples are clear as everyone understands those items readily. Pianos are somewhat esoteric and therefore require informed guidance of a luxury piano professional to point you towards a true luxury piano versus a serviceable budget option, which will be incongruous with your custom Italian furniture and Baccarat crystal. 

We, at Luxury Pianos, have not only premium pianos expertise among our Juilliard alumni team but also over 17 years of luxury market experience to work with you, your interior designers and architects on crafting a uniquely bespoke piano that will reflect your individual style and embody your ideas of what piano is to you. Our piano will be your prized and cherished possession, like your GRAFF diamonds and your Rolls Royce.  

We use only the best materials available in the world for everything on our German-built pianos – from gold electroplate to precious stones incrustation. Our team is able to dream up design features that no other piano maker has produced since every instrument is build completely to order and there are no two alike. We pride ourselves with our white-glove service to the VIP clients around the world and we value your confidentiality above all.

Now that you are enjoying the fruits of your labor and putting together a masterpiece residence let us help you select the piano to match the ultimate luxury lifestyle you deserve. 

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Sergei Lugovskoy

Juilliard-trained and Ukrainian-born Sergei brings an unprecedented insight into the luxury piano experience. Having spent the last 17 years in the luxury piano business Sergei has acquired knowledge and experience of connecting the world’s best luxury pianos with their proud owners. Sergei has identified the new market segment sitting at the top of the luxury market ladder that answers the needs of the most discerning and lavish design tastes. 

This one percent of the one percent category is an exciting space where pianos go beyond their’ musical instrument functionality and truly push out the frontiers of innovation of engineering, aesthetic design, and special material composition. Years in the business have solidified Sergei’s reputation as an authority on luxury designer pianos while strengthening his relationships with the world’s top piano manufacturers such as Fazioli and Bluthner. These relationships make it possible to develop custom designs for clients that want their piano to reflect their vision and create bespoke, one-of-a-kind super-pianos that are not available to the general public. Under Sergei’s supervision design team produces a digital rendering of the piano, explores all possibilities, and finalizes each element of the design. Once the client is happy with the rendering it is realized by the artisans of the factory with Sergei following the process every step of the way. Upon completion, the super-piano is white-glove delivered anywhere in the world by a team of certified professional piano movers. The entire experience for the client is that of wonder, excitement, and absolute reliability. Sergei has delivered such pianos to Lebanon, Egypt, China, Nigeria, Mexico, The Caribbeans, and the continental USA. Among Sergei’s many happy clients are both celebrities and business professionals whose privacy is respected absolutely.

Sergei Lugovskoy, President
Sergei Lugovskoy, President
Konstantin Soukhovetski, Luxury Pianos Expert
Konstantin Soukhovetski, Luxury Pianos Expert

Konstantin Soukhovetski

Konstantin and Sergei met while they were both students at The Juilliard School and since then formed a winning team that specializes in ultra-luxury pianos. Konstantin has performed on the world’s most valuable pianos and has a professional expertise of Blüthner, Fazioli, Steinway & Sons and Bechstein brands to name a few. As a piano consultant he has helped to build some of the world’s most valuable private piano collections. When receiving a selection advice from Konstantin you can rest assured it is coming from a professional with international recognition as a piano authority.

Konstantin is a recipient of over 16 awards and is an alumnus of The Juilliard School where he has earned his BM, MM, and AD degrees under the tutelage of Jerome Lowenthal. Born in Moscow to a family of artists he studied at the Moscow Central Special Music School, under the auspices of the Moscow State Conservatory, with Anatoly Ryabov.

In the fall semester of 2020 Konstantin joins the faculty of his alma mater The Juilliard School teaching his interpretation enhancement course Narrative Musicianship.

To learn more about Konstantin, please visit

Ken J. Ecury

Founder and CEO of Lucid Pianos Ken Ecury had decades of experience in designing and producing the most cutting-edge pianos, utilizing the newest technologies and materials. A pianist himself, Ken’s knowledge of piano’s physical parameters and limitations allows him to envision instruments of most remarkable design innovation without ever compromising the quality of the instrument itself. Blüthner Lucid Pianos have beautiful singing sound while the body of the piano is a sculpture in its’ own right. Each Blüthner Lucid Piano is crafted by hand and to client’s specifications and with Ken’s guidance the most otherworldly designs have taken shape and became reality. Rococo Pianos is a new exciting chapter that will fully utilize Ken’s experience and know-how of luxury piano design to take a new shape in the form of Rococo stylistic vocabulary.

Ken J. Ecury, CEO of Lucid Pianos
Ken J. Ecury, CEO of Lucid Pianos
Prospero Rodriguez, Certified Piano Technician
Prospero Rodriguez, Certified Piano Technician

Prospero Rodriguez

Prospero Rodriguez is the most sought-after piano tuner in SW Florida since 2001. He earned his reputation as an exceptional piano technician and re-builder since his days at Steinway Piano Gallery in Naples and Euro Pianos showroom, leading up to his current position as a Head Technician at Florida Gulf Coast University. 

Prospero provides expert, comprehensive piano servicing to both institutional venues as well as private clients. Some of Florida’s best pianos are in his care. With a stellar track record and educational pedigree as a piano technician from such marquee names as Harvard University, Tanglewood Music Festival, Christopher Robinson Master Technician shop, and North Bennet Street School of Technology for Piano Technology in Boston, Prospero’s resume is second to none in the piano business. Additionally, Prospero has both Steinway and Fazioli certifications, which equal Olympic Gold in the piano world. 

To learn more about Prospero, please visit

“Konstantin Soukhovetski is rapidly earning a reputation as a “young pianist who captivates” with his “distinctive lyricism”, “immaculate technique” and “vigor…refinement… and drama”

 — The New York Times