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Blüthner Lucid Piano

Since 1853 Blüthner has been Germany’s leading piano manufacturer. Responsible for supplying Europe’s palaces, world’s stages as well as households across the globe with elegant grand pianos, Blüthner Lucid makes a giant leap into 21 century design with acrylic and composite material grand pianos that are designer’s dream.

Now the patented aliquot stringing and its superior action in a Lucid grand piano that produces warm, velvety sound are incased in a breathtaking designs that are beyond what you thought possible. The Evonik plexiglass technology makes it possible for the Bluthner crystal piano to hold a formidable frame and action while never compromising resonance and durability.

30-year warranty included with the hi tech acrylic Blüthner Lucid crystal edition piano illustrates how strongly this venerable piano manufacturer stands by their luxury pianos.

Bluthner crystal grand pianos are available in all sizes.

Bluthner Lucid Pianos

Unique Qualities

Made in Germany

Made in Germany

Bluthner Lucid is the only European manufacturer offering a full line of transparent and semi-transparent crystal grand pianos.
Fully Transparent Pianos

Fully Transparent Pianos

iDyllic Excellence by Bluthner is the only fully transparent grand piano in the world.
30 Year Guarantee Not to Yellow

30 Year Guarantee Not to Yellow

Each Bluthner crystal edition piano comes with a 30 year Evonik guarantee.

30 Year Acrylic Warranty

Lucid Pianos is the only manufacturer on the market that gives you a piece of mind with a 30 year warranty against yellowing that comes standard with each crystal grand piano.

Evonik guarantee


Available Sizes:

Petite Grand – L 5′ (154cm)

Baby Grand – L 5’5″ (166cm)

Parlor Grand Piano – L 5’9″ (175cm)

Professional Grand – L 6’3″ (190cm)

Music Room Grand – L 6’9″ (210cm)

Semi-Concert Grand – L 7’8″ (238cm)

Concert Grand Piano – L 9’2″ (280cm)





Rose gold

LED Illumination:

Full rainbow color palette

Remote controlled


German Renner action built to Bluthner’s specifications


Quarter-sawn, solid mountain spruce from the Bavarian Alps.

player system:

Available with PNOmation system

Country of Origin:




Custom orders – 2-10 months

2-4 weeks on existing pianos

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