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The secondary market for grand pianos is a very popular destination for those looking to purchase a piano. However, it may be quite overwhelming to navigate the vast labyrinth of choices when it comes to finding a true gem. Just like with cars, many reputable piano dealers have used pianos for sale available and it should come as no surprise that purchasing one from a reputable source guarantees a higher quality of the instrument.

PH Grand Piano (no longer available)

One of a kind opportunity to own a unique PH grand piano designed by the legendary Poul Henningsen.

Used PH Grand Piano for sale

Used Pianos Buying Guide

Both grand and upright pianos are in-demand, though it is the brand name pianos such as Steinway, Bluthner, Fazioli, and Bosendorfer are most popular among the prospective buyers. The single most important thing about the used piano is its condition: the most amazing piano can be amortized in such a way that will de-value it and be a money pit to maintain long-term.

The designer used pianos are harder to come by, and, specifically Bluthner Lucid Crystal has virtually no secondary market since the pianos are build-to-order for clients to match their homes/interiors and are irreplaceable parts of the architectural integrity of the home and its owner. Traditional mass-market finishes such as ebony, white, and wood veneers comprise the vast majority of the used piano inventory.

If you are a concert pianist who knows about the pianos you can embark on shopping for a used piano yourself since most invisible defects will be known to you, and you will also know where and what to look for. But for a non-professional getting a piano off the online marketplace is potentially a waste of resources. While huge savings can be appealing, the piano requires maintenance over its lifetime, and if it lapsed it can have caused serious damage that will affect the piano’s performance. When you purchase a used piano is it crucial to be aware of its provenance, maintenance history, and major work/replacement of parts. Without such verifiable intel, you may be getting a band-name piano case with integral parts that have been replaced with inferior ones, soundboard cracks and pin block weakened and you won’t know it until the burden of fixing and maintaining it falls onto your shoulders.

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