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Luxury Pianos is proud to introduce Rococo Pianos – where the grandeur of the illustrious past intersects with the most advanced modern technologies to resurrect the larger-than-life splendor of the beloved antique rococo style outfitted with the most advanced developments in the piano building available in the 21st century.


Rococo pianos surpass what is imaginable in quality from the inside and out. Built by Bluthner, the actual piano part is a state-of-the-art performance instrument that you find on the most prestigious concert stages worldwide. An iconic piano maker has been in business and a not-so-subtle competition with Steinway since both were founded – in 1853. All Bluthner pianos feature their unique singing tone, achieved by patented aliquot string technology, which supplies a 4th string that resonates sympathetically over each pitch in the treble of the keyboard, imbuing the sound with extra depth and roundness. Hence, the legendary Bluthner ‘singing voice’ is much beloved by leading international pianists. As with all concert grand pianos, the soundboard is made of rare alpine spruce (its finish can also be customized), further ensuring the unique resonance of the Bluthner grand piano, which distinguishes it from every other instrument on the market.

Rococo pianos_01

Then….enter the extraordinary art case, handcrafted in Italy by some of the finest artisans on the planet. What makes Rococo instruments superior to any other art case piano on the market is that a group of dedicated specialists is working in tandem on creating essentially piano-as-jewelry with absolute fidelity to rococo style.

The Italian factory where these stunning pianos are made has over 200 years of experience and know-how in cabinet making of the highest caliber. Some of the world’s most exclusive home interiors are graced by their work. Now, these incredible artists are dedicating themselves to creating the sort of grand piano you might imagine but didn’t think existed.

Napoleon would kill for one, to be sure!

Rococo 2003_05
Rococo pianos_02

The inlay of mother-of-pearl covering the entire body of the instrument, 24K gold-leafed music rack and lyre, wood intarsia, and gilded bronze appliqué is the arresting features of these palatial instruments. Some models are adorned by hand-painted tableaux executed by the best fresco painters. The white lacquer of specific models serves as a particularly favorable backdrop for the masterfully painted landscapes, wreaths, and garlands. Some pianos have a mirror installed on the underside of the lid to showcase the beauty of the cast iron plate when opened. The cast iron plate can also be customized to be electroplated gold or silver, while most pianos inside are either gold-leafed or hand-painted.

Rococo 2005_03
Rococo pianos_03

One unique grand piano model features semiprecious stone carved grapevines and flowers. In contrast, another has fully carved 3D statues of cherubs painted to resemble porcelain supporting the piano instead of the traditional legs. Another model features a female head at the top of the leg pillars and is gilded in 24K gold. The style and finish of every detail are without comparison, while the construction of each instrument’s case is bespoke from the ground up. The Rococo Pianos design studio works closely with Bluthner on the creation of each instrument, ensuring that performance elements such as pin block, cabriole legs, or music rack are harmonious in style with the rococo aesthetic.

Rococo style has a unifying element – an asymmetrical shell motif that finds its way into elaborate carvings of all variety: from lyre and cabriole leg style to the music rack, gate legs, additional support pillars, and the bench. The construction of these pianos is so advanced that each design has a way to conceal the speaker system, should you choose to install the player piano system. This way, antique-style uniformity is not interrupted by a foreign object that reminds you it is 2021.

Rococo pianos_04
Rococo pianos_05

The exotic woodwork does not shy away from challenges, frequently showcasing the virtuoso skills of the artisans and the attention to every detail of every inch of the instrument. The regal appearance of Rococo pianos is even more awe-inspiring when the body is fully covered in precious malachite – a rare and expensive stone much beloved by the Romanoff dynasty of Russia. The detail of the natural malachite surface presents itself in all its splendor, accompanied by 24k gold leafed carvings and gilded bronze bas reliefs. Every model has something unique about it: a rare wood, elaborate veneer technique, or precious and semiprecious materials used to create it. The design of each model allows it to be disassembled seamlessly for convenient and safe shipping. Our instruments traverse all seven seas on the way to their lucky owners. Wherever you may be, contact us for the shipping info to your destination. Regardless of the design’s difficulty, every piano’s height is standard and meets all parameters of a traditional performance grand piano.

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Available Sizes:

Rococo Pianos are based on 3 grand piano models:

  • Model 2/ 238cm or 7’8″”
  • Model 4/ 210cm or 6’9″
  • Model 6/ 190cm or 6’3″”
Rococo Piano sizes

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